Loreto is a popular destination for sailing enthusiasts in Mexico due to its sheltered coves, breathtaking scenery, calm waters, numerous anchorages, and convenient proximity to the town of Loreto. Take in the stunning views of the mountains and feel the gentle breeze as you sail through the islands of the Gulf of California, a naturally protected region composed of volcanic and oceanic islands.

Sailing the Islands of Loreto

The Islands of ‘Bay of Loreto National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site comprised of 244 islands, islets, and coastal areas where you can discover the Gulf of California’s calmest waters and spectacular mountain and desert landscapes while escaping the crowds.
You’ll find plenty of variety to enjoy as you sail amongst the islands of Danzante, Coronados, del Carmen, Montserrat, and Santa Catalina. While most of the islands in the gulf are volcanic, Santa Catalina Island is very different because it’s a granite piece of the continental shelf surrounded entirely by water and has different endemic plants such as the giant barrel cactus and its famous rattle-less rattlesnake.

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