Street Food

One of the gastronomic trends that our visitors enjoy the most are the concept of “Street food” or “street food”. Each preparation is characterized by being at the moment, handcrafted and sold directly on the street. Usually food stalls receive only cash, are offered in stalls or carts or small places to buy and carry and their common denominator are simplicity and speed in service.

Loreto has iconic and original street food or street food, on days of intense heat, there is nothing more refreshing than a delicious snow of the Michoacana, be sure to taste its waters of flavors, such as lemon. Horchata, Jamaica and tropical fruits. For breakfast or a good lunch you can find the Tacos del Valle, which offer fish tacos, crisp shrimp that contrast very well with cabbage and pico de gallo, some purple onion toppings and chipotle mayonnaise, you can also find the undone meat tacos, which are delicious, fillers and give an ideal touch for all season.

If night snacks are your thing, do not miss the opportunity to eat a delicious elote in glass or “ski” or better, the traditional Mexican elote that consists of the complete elote served with a wooden stick so that you can bite it to your liking. These are prepared with mayonnaise or cream, chili powder, sauce, and lemon.

After a busy night, or walking on the boardwalk try the traditional “hates” or hot dogs, hates are the most traditional cashier food in all of Baja California Sur, distinguished by their handmade bread, specialty sausage and one that another culinary secreter will never reveal to us.

Check out the location of each of these delicious food stalls, establishments or street food!

01 – Nieves la Michoacana

Calle Francisco I. Madero, esquina con Calle Benito Juarez. Open from 12:00 pm

02 – Elotes de Don Ismael

Calle Francisco I. Madero , esquina con Calle Benito  Juarez. Open from  7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

03 – Hates del Jefe.

Infront of Super Mercado Bartolillos, calle Salvatierra, by the entrance to Loreto. Open from 6:00 to 10:00 pm

04 – Tacos del Valle.

Calle Benito Juarez entre Marquez de León y Ayuntamiento.  Open from 8:00 to 3:00 pm.