A Town Full of History and Culture

The Guaycura and Cochimi tribes lived here thousands of years before the Jesuits arrived, and it was their hands that built the Misión de Nuestra Señora de Loreto, which was founded in 1697 and still stands in the scenic center of town. Check out the Museo de las Misiones Jesuitas, located in the church, inner courtyard, where you can view many religious icons dating from the 17th and 18th centuries and learn all about the history of the missions that first started in Loreto and continued all the way up to San Luis Obispo in California, USA. On your way back, visit a local ranch to get a glimpse of the ranchero lifestyle, where you can interact with the goats, mules, horses, and other ranch animals, as well as learn how to make cheese and harvest dates.

A Natural Gem

Because the islands and the sea around them are protected, the marine park preservation strategy includes endemic vegetation and wildlife, including indigenous insects, arachnids, reptiles, and mammals. The Bay of Loreto National Park – which includes the islands of Coronados, Danzante, Montserrat, Catalana and del Carmen – is the third largest marine park in Mexico and has the highest diversity of marine mammals than anywhere else in the country, with frequent sightings of blue whales, fin whales, humpback whales, orcas, dolphins, and more. The marine park contains 39% of the world’s marine mammals and is home to nearly 900 fish species, 90 of which are endemic, and includes 695 vascular plant species – more than any other marine and insular property on the World Heritage List.

Where Adventure Awaits

Abundant wildlife, sunny weather, and natural desert, mountain, and sea environments make the Loreto region one of the finest adventure travel destinations in North America. Swim in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez, kayak the desolate coastline in the shadow of the sierras, spot and swim with marine life in Loreto Bay National Park, dive or snorkel alongside pristine reefs full of colorful damselfish and parrotfish, or check out the sea lion colony of Isla Coronados. Away from the beaches, explore the mountains and natural reserves, hike and camp in desert canyons, ride mules alongside local rancheros, or go birdwatching and learn about the local flora and fauna, like the giant cordon cactus.

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Why Loreto is magical? By Jill and Richard Jackson

If you are an adventure person, these are the reason why you should visit Loreto, Mexico!

Culinary (Food + Drink)

Loreto, located in Baja California Sur, is renowned for its delectable cuisine. Among the most popular dishes are fresh fish tacos, prepared with shredded cabbage, onion, tomatoes, and a range of salsas and toppings, as well as super burritos loaded with chorizo, ceviche, fresh cheese from local ranches, and some of the world’s most exceptional seafood.

A must-try delicacy while in Loreto is the local chocolata clams, which can be savored raw or roasted in the sand on the beach (“tatemada-style”), or incorporated into dips that are served with crackers or chips. Summer is also an ideal time to relish in the sweet flavor of pitaya (dragon fruit).