San Javier

It is a town in the municipality of Loreto, located in the state of Baja California Sur, Mexico. San Javier had a population of 131 in the 2010 census, and contains the church of the Mission San Francisco Xavier de Viggé-Biaundó more commonly known as Mission San Javier. This iconic place known as the Jewel of The Missions of Baja California for its historical past and baroque architectural beauty, is a witness to the times of the colonization of Baja California. Every year, Loreto and its surroundings are adorned with the traditional festivities to honor San Francisco Javier.

How do I get to San Javier?

If you like adventure you can arrive by bike, it is a slightly heavy road, we recommend only for those who have experience, the tour can take about two hours from the road to the church, but it depends a lot on you wanting to stop to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and oasis that this great adventure offers.By car it is about 40 minutes, a little curves halfway but it is worth it when you arrive at your destination.

Can I have breakfast or lunch in San Javier?

Of course! One of the most beautiful hours to visit San Javier is in the morning, after a great walk, visit to the mission and its surroundings. Enjoy a Mexican breakfast or lunch and traditional refried beans with cheese accompanied by rich flour tortillas, or a plate of fresh seasonal fruit, or if you prefer a snack, try the olives and ademames originating in the region and freshly harvested from your garden.Try the restaurant La Palapa, open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, its menu is varied and artisanal, its payment method is in cash and has tables outdoors or inside your restaurant. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Mission of San Javier, and the indescribable landscapes that nature gives us day by day.