Diving in Loreto with Dolphin Dive!

In 2003 the Dolphin Dive center was created by the love of the sea of two wonderful people, who dedicated their lives to discovering 80% of the dive sites that we explore today and visit with our customers. By 2013 we were given the staffe to continue the Dolphin Dive center project and in September of that year we put on the T-shirt to continue with the legacy of diving legends “Mr. Bruce” & “Mrs. Susan”. Active members recognized by the PADI diving association.

Over the years we have continued to discover dive sites that among the captains and we have baptized them for experiences we have had diving and for the very description of the sites. Today we have registered in our blogs more than 50 dive sites, which we share with the Bay of Loreto National Park to make it for the whole town.

We have always tried to share our experiences with the people of the community of Loreto, that is why by liking both sub aquatic photography one day we find a didactic way to share it, and from 2014 we decided to mount our first photographic exhibition in the hall of the municipal palace where we take children of different educational levels to see a little of the beautiful world that we have under the sea and thus learn to take care of it.

In the same year 2014 we began to share the diving experience with young teenagers from the community of Loreto, giving them “tryouts” so that they would know the beautiful diving activity and thus also take care of our marine world.

In 2016 we certified ourselves as instructors for people with disabilities and since then year after year the young people with disabilities of the CAM give us a morning in which they teach us their ability to adapt and trust to live an experience diving with us.

Now in 2020 we started together with a group of friends divers of loreto the RCP (reef cleaners pals) project, in which we chose together with the marine park team, places where we clean our sea, both garbage and fishing gear.

All of these are projects that fill our souls with life and it is the way we can return to the community and nature a little bit of what we have received.

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