What to do in Loreto – Part II

If you have already made the list of our first recommendations, you will love this second list!, check out each of these services in advance and plan your next trip to Loreto, Mexico.

Tasting of different craft beers

Zopilote Brewing Company offers a variety of more than 5 types of craft beer. Open since June 2006 along with its menu, its mix of Mexican taste and Iris pub make it an unparalleled place and the most popular among visitors!. Order your beer tasting, play a board game, or try the delicious nachos and 4 cheese pizza,  we are sure you are going to love them!

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 10:00 pm / Accept cash and credit card.

Visit the Zopilote Brewing Company!

Outdoor cinema

Enjoy an amazing evening and delicious dinner at Black Bird Loreto – Coffee Shop ? Tapas Bar & Restaurant ? Live music room, once a week have outdoor cinema on site from 7 at night. Check out its billboard, and visit this beautiful place that is recently created here in Loreto.

More information visit https://blackbirdloreto.com

Visit The Villas of Loreto Bay

Villas de Loreto Bay is a safe and indescribable place to walk and enjoy a sunny day. Currently the Villas of Loreto Bay have several restaurants such as Gastroteca A Z U L, Mediterranean food with a Californian style, Claudia’s Margaritas Bar, for Mexican food and the best margaritas of Loreto Bay, also a different concept of “french cuisine” is presented by Le Bistro Nopoló, French restaurant with a variety of dishes and desserts to share in breakfast , lunch and dinner. You can also find the Wine Cellar with an excellent variety of wines different from the region and Mexican dishes to delight.

You can stay in Loreto Bay either at home or at Hotel Loreto Bay Golf Resort & Spa, if you are staying in the village a good option is to walk along Loreto Bay beach, have a delicious coffee at La Sirena Baja Café, and then visit the golf course. At the end you can take lunch to one of these amazing restaurants.

Visit each of them on your next trip to Loreto!

Enjoy a sunset.

This is one of the most enriching and free activities! Every sunset in Loreto is different. Its pink and blue colors, make the hour blue, see the sea completely blue and full of marine life. Nothing beats having a glass of red wine while delighting nature in its splendor. We recommend you check what time the sun goes down in the season you visit us, minutes close to it you will find a fascinating experience full of colors and if it is your lucky day you will see some dolphins in the distance.

Train a day on the beach

If you’re fit, there’s nothing better than exercising in front of the beach. Physical activities with healthy distances and small groups of up to 5 people per area are currently allowed. If you prefer to run, the Malecón is an open and safe space to see the sunrise while enjoying your morning run. When you finish running do not forget to stop by for a coffee at Hermosa Cafe, you can take your pet and enjoy the characteristic climate that Loreto offers us.